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Ride-along the creative process as I write my third novel! Go behind the scenes with me as I put a science fiction book together. I share everything from ugly rough drafts, to world building brainstorms, book research and author notes.

Synarchy Book 3
Novel Completion 80%

Synarchy The Duology

Contains The Awakening Book 1 & The Ascension Book 2

“If you’re looking for a book full of action and intrigue you’re going to love SYNARCHY. It really does have something for everyone. A bit of romance for the softer types and heart pounding, adrenaline rushing suspense and action that just about pulled me out of my seat at times.” -Goodreads

Vasco, Simone, and Lucien Terenzio are triplets, born into the privilege of a generationally wealthy Italian family. They think their lives will be simple; a large inheritance, the family business, and the power that comes with it.




On his deathbed, their Grandfather commands them to visit the Vault, a place where all the Terenzio family secrets are kept, along with three strange devices that will unlock memories the triplets didn’t know they had.


A war was started, born from pure ego, pitting the Terenzio family against a secret cabal and their alien masters that control planet Earth. Arrogance and money aren’t enough to win this, time isn’t on their side, and Vasco, Simone, and Lucien must find the strength and information to finish what their family started, free the planet from the chains that have kept it imprisoned, and give humanity the chance to finally start making its own choices.

Fans of the Godfather and Stargate will enjoy this mobsters-versus-aliens scifi conspiracy thriller, filled with secret societies and the metaphysical wonders that underpin our reality. 

“…Always manages to keep the reader wanting to turn just one more page…again and again and again.” -Worn Pages Review

About The Author

Crystal Storm

“Understand me. I’m not like an ordinary world. I have my madness, I live in another dimension and I do not have time for things that have no soul.” ― Charles Bukowski

Crystal Storm is a woman of many hats (pun intended. She has a wall full of fedoras). She’s 4’11, hates mornings, and is a night owl. Her aliases are WooWoo and C-Money. Readers find her dedicated to giving them stories that encourage them to find ways to make the mundane magical.
A busy creativeprenuer, Crystal hosts a weekly vodcast/podcast on scifi and metaphysical topics, video reviews books (and sometimes movies), streams video games on twitch and three times a week you can hangout with her playing tabletop games.
Crystal is currently writing the next book in the Synarchy Series while sharing her creative process to give readers an immersive experience into the Universe of Synarchy.

Crystal also hates writing bios, so she asked her Twitter friends to do it for her. She thinks these are better, so she’s sharing their prose.

There once was a writer named Crystal
Whose prose did seem all right
She may be smol but she’s sweet
But what’s really neat

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