Tell Our Vision - Ideas To Make Life Easier and Activate More Personal Freedom


I have A LOT of ideas in my head. They are not just the voices of all my characters birthed and ready to be birthed. I’m a big believer in conscious evolution and more importantly the power of people. I have little to no faith in governments or those structures. I believe that true change comes from us, the individual. As we evolve and do our shadow work we help others, and allow others to help others, spreading the love, and solutions that are real and helpful.


Here are the ideas in my head that I will bring to fruition. I wanted to put this out to hopefully begin to collaborate and connect with others who can take my strengths and bring their strengths and together we can build these things. It is my hope that Crystal’s Imagination as a brand will provide the majority of funding for these ventures through the entertainment side of things (books, tv shows, tabletop games, comic books, graphic novels, video games, YT content, courses & more).



Ultimately I want to help. To be of service. And I want to play, and travel, and have fun, and I want to make this business of life as easy as possible for others so they are free to do the hard work (like self reflection and shadow work and life lessons and learning how to love and receive love and all that) and play too.

The Ideas

Tell Our Visions Communities

Tell Our Visions Good News Network

Come Get This Money

Rides for Creatives, Geeks, and Nerds

We Play Games on Easy Game Awards

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Tell Our Vision Communities

Prepare the ramble. I’ve always thought that living was a lot harder than it had to be. Here’s the vision:

ToV Communities will be self sustaining neighborhoods (but so much more than that). When you live in a ToV Community you get a free sustainable house that fits your needs, whether your single, couple, family, have in laws whatever. The only catch to getting a free home is that you will find a way that fits your skillset to give back to the community. It will be a creative eclectic mix of tiny houses, earth ship designs, traditional homes with solar panels etc. The community invests in solar options to minimize or eliminate electric bills entirely. If the possibilities exist for the community to band together to form their own internet company (has been done before) all the better. That’s just the start. The community also has things like a barter system for services. In house healthcare, a local doctor that can serve the needs of patients at super affordable prices or through trading for time. The community offers childcare services for working parents. Home-schooling for any parents that were interested. Truth and Reconciliation Mediation sessions so as a collective we can begin to over come and untangle the implicit biases that we’ve lived with for so long. There is no limit to what these communities can offer each other. The idea being if we can make the business of living easier – we free people to be their authentic selves and at our core we want to help others.

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Tell Our Visions Good News Network


Politics aside – mainstream media cannot always be relied upon to tell the truth or be anything but sensationalist doomsday spreaders. It’s not fake news – it’s paid for news. Papers have to make money that’s the long and short of it.  When reporting the news we have to be real but at the same time there is A LOT that is actually going right in the world and hardly anyone ever talks about that. You have to consciously search out good news stories and they’re more than homeless man finds money, or dog finds way home.


ToV GNN – will make the good news mainstream. Not just feel good stories but real stories of people changing the world in small and big meaningful ways. It won’t just report on the news but it will have action steps every segment so that when applicable people watching can figure out how to replicate solutions in their own lives and communities.

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Come Get This Money


As a self employed business owner it has been HELL at times trying to get funding for my business. I have a shitty credit score due right now to medical bills I just couldn’t pay. Before that it was mistakes made in my 20s – what do you do. What I’ve really needed was a good business coach, financial coach, and access to the funds that would give me a chance to put myself and my work out there. My frustrating in finding these solutions and my shame in asking for help financially led to this idea.


I’m fucking over people being ashamed for wanting free shit or something to make their lives easier. Come Get This Money will be a money lending service that takes the stigma out of getting the financial assistance you need but it will do more than just give people money. It will also give them the tools they need to be successful with their investments. The idea is that you can get money for whatever you need. Serious shit like medical bills and/or business expenses but say you’re a college student and you just want to take a weekend and have some fun. Come Get This Money. Maybe you’re in a relationship, money is tight and you’d love to just take your significant other on a nice date. Come Get This Money. Maybe your a single parent and want a babysitter and a night to yourself. Come Get This Money. Maybe you’re just hungry and want to order a damn pizza. Come Get This Money.


If you’re in serious debt, or have a business that you need money for, not only can you get at least some of the money you need but Come Get This Money will have financial advisers and business coaches on hand for free that you can schedule appointments with in a judgement free zone whose goal is to help you improve your situation. If you can pay back your loan, you will do so but we don’t expect it. If you have extra money you’ll donate to Come Get This Money to help out others, because at our core, we fucking love each other and we genuinely want to help each other.

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Rides for Creatives, Geeks and Nerds


This one will need a good name. I don’t remember what I was doing when I had the thought that first class was some stuck up classist shit. I remembered twitter posts from fellow geeks trying to raise money to get to conventions, and disabled people having nightmare experiences with ride shares. And I thought to myself why the hell isn’t there a service that provides “1st class” service to everyone?

Enter RCGN. It would be as you guessed it: a national system of cars, trucks, buses, trains, maybe a even a few planes that catered specifically to geeks and nerds trying to travel to conventions to network and sell their gear and meet their idols and for disable peopled on the daily so they can get where they’ve gotta go with ease. I’d love for this service to be free or super fucking cheap. An honor system. Pay what you can, it doesn’t matter how much you can give, or can’t give, you won’t be treated differently because of it. It’s here for you.

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We Play Games On Easy Game Awards

This is just a fun one. I’m a gamer and I play games on easy. I play games for the story, for the replayability, for companion interaction, for being to build and effect the world.

One day I’d like to host the We Play Games On Easy Game Awards – a big event where gamers who also play on the easiest setting (or just all the gamers :D) judge games based on the above criteria. Combat and controls and even graphics are secondary. The big criteria is did the story move us, make us want to skip work, and outside life, and not even feed the kids because we had to get back to this game.


That’s all of them – for now. What’s your vision? What do you think of the above? What ideas have been sitting in your head to make the lives of people easier?

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