Synarchy Book 3 Scene Share: The Day Her Sister Died..

There’s so much that will be added to this scene!

I still don’t have a completely picture of what Dacwen looks like. My goal is to have it be this beautiful blend of technology and nature, science and magic melding together. As I paint the world of Dacwen I want to bring to light in this scene some technology we have available to us mere humans now that we’re not using yet. I’ve read some very cool articles on things I may come back and link later in this post.

For now this scene stings a little bit for me as I’ve done this horrible thing to Saraya. I’m not done during horrible things to her, unfortunately. To be written is the escape from Dacwen to planet Earth. That will be fun and intense as there’s some… fucked up things going on with Ladayna at this time ( that scene will be available to members!).



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