Synarchy Book 3: The Consequence of Saving Humans

Memorial day weekend wore me out ya’ll. I’m very much an introvert/extrovert. Love being around people, need that energy until I’m done and must retreat back into my quiet bubble of solitude. That’ pretty much how I’m feeling today. I just want to lay in my bed, cocoon myself and watch netflix.

Which is exactly what I’m going to do, but there are some items on the to do list that need tending and the first is sharing more of Book 3 with you all!

This scene was originally very different and it’s still a rough draft I know. The group that Savil works for I’m currently calling the justicars – which is a name that’s going to change. Different from the Kalturo’s which guard the royal family or the Horans who are responsible for the Earth portals – this would be the law enforcement organization of the planet. I still need to work out how they’re chosen, who they answer too etc.

Horan’s are not allowed to interfere with human earth matters, they’ve got one job. Saraya should have let Will and Elena die (Check out Meet The Protagonists). When she doesn’t she breaks the law, and it’s the worst time for her to do so because on Dacwen men are in an uproar about the no kings allowed rule. So from a political stand-point the Narozen’s heir being a law breaker is super bad.

For Sayara’s mom in this scene – I need a different perspective on her. Originally she was written a lot softer. I then asked my mom what she would say given the overall situation and what Saraya’s actions in saving Will and Elena are going to cost not just her, but her whole family. After that feedback I like this version of Ladanya much better, it took me into her head, gave me her own unique voice. You’re going to see the many faces of this woman. In a way she reminds me very much of Gorgo from the movie 300.

Do you think Saraya’s mom was too harsh in this scene? Sound off!

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