Synarchy Book 3 Scene Share: Consequence of Reincarnation

As an author there are certain little themes that factor into the books I write. One of them is a concept that has always fascinated me (and that I personally believe in) which is reincarnation.

The scene I’m sharing today probably won’t make it into the book in it’s current format, I think it’ll get changed heavily in some way but the conversation between Savil and Saraya is a fascinating one to me. If you could remember all your past lives, if you’ve lived a hundred of them and you decided to spend one of your lifetimes as the villain in the granduer scheme of things would it matter?

I think so. As much as I might be lured by the darkside I think I’d be horrified to remember a lifetime where I was horrible, evil person. But is it a perspective needed? Worth remembering? Is it something to be experienced if all we are at our core are souls, little pockets of consciousness here to experience what it’s like to have a body and come to a planet?

Have a read of the scene below and tell me what you think!

Consquence of Reincarnation

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