The Ascension: Synarchy Book 2

“The story is full of high, vivid emotion and fast paced action.” 

– MSEreads Review

A lifetime ago, mob boss Stefano Vasco Terenzio saw one way to ensure his family betrayed the malevolent power he’d allied with: walking into a bullet. Now, what started with Stefano’s ego will determine the fate of the whole world.


On the Winter Solstice, Earth will align with the galactic center – a chance for humanity to raise its consciousness and break free from the systems of control that keep it enslaved. But Enlil, commander of the Anunnaki, will not relinquish his control of Earth and has built a machine to block humanity’s ascension.


Once allied with the Anunnaki and the global cabal that does the aliens bidding, the Terenzio family led by Vasco, Simone, and Lucien must make a choice: let Earth remain locked in it’s invisible prison, or use the power they’ve built up for generations to strike back at the Anunnaki the way no one else can.

Fans of the Godfather and Stargate will enjoy this mobsters-versus-aliens scifi conspiracy thriller, filled with secret societies and the metaphysical wonders that underpin our reality.

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