The Awakening: Synarchy Book 1

“So, recap, aliens, mafia, enlightened masters, politics, love affairs, Mayan prophecies. Seriously? Seriously! All written into possibly the best Sci Fi story I have ever read.” 

– Wanda Hartzenberg Goodsread Review

Vasco, Simone, and Lucien Terenzio are triplets, born into the privilege of a generationally wealthy Italian family. They think their lives will be simple; a large inheritance, the family business, and the power that comes with it.




On his deathbed, their Grandfather commands them to visit the Vault, a place where all the Terenzio family secrets are kept, along with three strange devices that will unlock memories the triplets didn’t know they had.

A war was started, born from pure ego, pitting the Terenzio family against a secret cabal and their alien masters that control planet Earth. Arrogance and money aren’t enough to win this, time isn’t on their side, and Vasco, Simone, and Lucien must find the strength and information to finish what their family started, free the planet from the chains that have kept it imprisoned, and give humanity the chance to finally start making its own choices.

Fans of the Godfather and Stargate will enjoy this mobsters-versus-aliens scifi conspiracy thriller, filled with secret societies and the metaphysical wonders that underpin our reality.

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