Scifi Author Crystal & her polyglot girlfriend Hannah are going on a road trip adventure!

We’re done with Florida and need a new place to live! We’re taking a cross country tour around the United States and we want your input!

Episode 1: Meet Hannah & Crystal!

Hi! We’re Hannah and Crystal, and we’re going on a road trip adventure to see new places in the U.S. and find a place for us to live! We want your help with that! Check out the deets!

Episode 2: Meet Wasp!

We’re tricking out our Kia Soul (affectionately named Wasp). Star Wars Decals applied (mostly correctly) and new licence plate frame.

Austin TX you’re up! Tell us what’s good about your area!

Episode 3: The Goat Farm!

The first stop in our adventure is on this adorable goat farm in Tallahassee Florida!

Austin TX you’re up next! Tell us what’s good about your area!

Episode 4: WTF Texas

We hung out in San Antonio and Austin Texas! We learned about Hot Sauce, Secret Bars and crazy ass Texas Drivers!

About Hannah & Crystal and the Road Trip!

We’re both highly creative people. We’re geeks, gamers, book lovers, with appreciation for culture, coffee, wine and the outdoors. We’re looking for a place with mild weather (Hannah likes the cold, Crystal likes the heat), diverse culture with a really good creative vibe to it!

We’ll be Traveling to:

  • Texas ( to check out Austin)
  • New York
  • Vermont (Not sure which city yet!)
  • Massachusetts
  • Colorado ( to check out Denver)
  • California (Checking out areas in Southern and Northern)
  • Washington (We’ve always wanted to see Seattle)
  • Illinois (Maybe Chicago)

We like adventure! We’ll be staying at unique AirBnbs (when we’re not staying with friends), making random pit-stops to check out spiritual sites or maybe even do a little urban exploring.

We Want your input!

What bookstores, restaurants, game stores, events or attractions are off the beaten path that we should visit? Give us the locals 411 on you’re area.
What makes it the best place to live? Should we check out a city not on this list? Tell us why!

You can sound off down in the comments below on this page, or shoot us an email directly with all the details! We’ll be vlogging our trip and videos will be posted here and on the youtube page.

Hook us up with a night at an Airbnb!

Hook us up with a tank of gas!

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Colette Phair

Hey Crystal, definitely check out bookshop Santa Cruz in Santa Cruz, California, about 90 miles south of San Francisco. It’s the best/weirdest town in the world and the best bookstore I’ve ever found.

In New York, there’s a bookstore that has a book making espresso machine, forget the name but if you Google that you can find it, they can make any book for you in the time it takes to brew an espresso.

But seriously, why only the U.S.? Come to Mexico!