Episode 9: Neither Beginnings Nor Endings Matter

In episode nine Olivia faces off against Marcello and the Triplets learn more about their enemy. Jump into the scifi Synarchy Series reviewers called The Godfather meets Stargate.



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What’s good Fiction Fans! I’m your host, Crystal Storm, science fiction author and creative content producer. Happy Saturday! So, I went on a date night last night (and I’m recording this episode Jan 11th, 2020 btw) and saw the Underwater Movie and it’s good ya’ll! My girlfriend and I really enjoyed it. Highly recommend you check it out and word to humanity do not go to the bottom of the ocean. Do not.

Quick announcements, my travel vlog series begins February 1st! My girlfriend and I will be taking an around the US road trip to figure out where we want to live and have a little adventure and we want your input. We’ll be visiting, Austin, Denver, Southern and Northern Cali, Seattle, maybe Chicago, somewhere in Vermont, New York area. Go check out the page, crystalsimagination.com/roadtrip for more detail and to give us your input!

Reminder that my synarchy novels The Awakening and the Ascension are on sale. You can get the ebooks wherever you get ebooks or from me directly. Paperback copies will be on sale in February along with the audio book.

Lastly if you want to be a part of the process of writing a scifi novel hangout with me! I am sharing everything as I write Synarchy Book 3. Scenes. Notes. Even in character behind the scenes audio clips and dossiers for the super geeks who want to become members. Also all over on my website just go to crystalsimagination.com and check it out.

Scifi news time! Jupiter is flinging asteroids at Earth. A popular theory suggests that Jupiter acts like a gigantic protector in the solar system, sucking or deflecting dangerous debris with its tremendous mass.

But more than a decade of research has revealed that Jupiter is actually throwing asteroids towards other planets.

Are you ready? Press play.

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