Episode 6: An unbeatable enemy?

In episode six the scientists are given a strange gift and the triplets struggle to understand what happened to them. Jump into the scifi Synarchy Series reviewers called The Godfather meets Stargate.

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Happy Holidays Fiction Fans! I’m your host, Crystal Storm, science fiction author and creative content producer. I hope everyone has had a great holiday, no matter what you celebrate or don’t for that matter. I had a very chill Christmas, spent some time with my family, then met some of my girlfriends family and spent most of the day talking complete geeky stuff which was a lot of fun.

So exciting news, I’m recording this December 27th, and as of this recording we are at nine backers of #OperationSynarchy the crowd funding initiative to get the Synarchy series in print, to get artwork done and more. We are very nearly at the halfway mark, and I’m excited I think we’re going to hit our first goal and at least our first stretch goal so we can get artwork done of the main characters in Synarchy and I think that will be a really awesome thing to be able to add to the back of the special edition Hardcovers. So, go and check it out, we’ve got 15 and 25 dollar tiers and higher. There’s even the option if you just want to drop five bucks or whatever towards it, you can do that too and I’ll make sure your name is included in the shout-out section of Synarchy Book 3. I have a special idea for that, it won’t just be a long list of acknowledgements, we too creative for that up in here. Link down in the show notes or type in crystalsimagination.com/operationsynarchy

Scifi news time! Researchers found a brand new mineral tucked in a tiny meteorite. It’s never been seen in nature before. Now I’m not too sciencey but I love reading about this stuff because it gives me ideas when I’m worldbuilding for Synarchy Book 3 and filling in the details that make planet Dacwen unique.

All right let’s get to the story time. A reminder this is a serialized fiction podcast, I am reading you chapter by chapter of my scifi novel Synarchy Book 1 The Awakening. Grab the first few episodes so you’re not confused. Here we go.

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