Episode 5: You don’t need your eyes here

In episode five the scientists remote team is being watched and the triplets finally arrive at a mysterious location. Jump into the scifi Synarchy Series reviewers called The Godfather meets Stargate.

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Hello again fiction fans! I’m your host, Crystal Storm, science fiction author and creative content producer. Today is a very, very exciting day! I’m recording this Saturday December 21st, and it is book launch! Yes, you can now get The Awakening Book 1 and The Ascension Book 2 as ebooks wherever you buy books. And you can buy them from me directly on my website. Links to the books in the show notes!

Fiction Fans I need your help! It’s called #OperationSynarchy and it is a crowd funding initiative to get the synarchy series in print, to get artwork done and more. And the cool thing about #OperationSynarchy is that you get special, limited editions of my books. The book your listening to me read in fact. The special editions apply to ebooks, the hardcover of course those also come signed, even the audiobooks are special editions. As of this recording we have eight backers and are only 40 dollars away from the halfway mark to our first goal and it is Day 5. So! Go to crystalsimagination.com/operationsnarchy. Just do it.

Scifi news time! This one I really, really like. Missing Stars could point to alien civilizations. Basically when astronomers compare old views of the sky to what we see today at least 100 stars have even vanished or are being covered up so we can see them anymore. Very mysterious. I wonder if there stars to begin with, maybe some were planets that were engaged in galactic civil war and got blown up like planet Atlantis or their’s a giant interdimensional traveling vessel aka spaceship in front of them. I don’t know.

All right let’s get to the story time. A reminder this is a serialized fiction podcast, I am reading you chapter by chapter of my scifi novel Synarchy Book 1 The Awakening. Grab the first few episodes so you’re not confused. Here we go.

Are you ready? Press play.

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