Episode 11: A funeral, a fight, and a lie

In episode eleven a the triplets return home for Marcello’s funeral with violent results and Kayla struggles with her father’s final wishes. Jump into the scifi Synarchy Series reviewers called The Godfather meets Stargate.

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What’s good Fiction Fans! I’m your host, Crystal Storm, science fiction author and creative content producer. Happy Tuesday! I got some packing done today. Woohoo! Count down to the road trip! Times moving really fast and this is the one time I need it to slooow doooown. Woo. So the road trip adventure myself and my girlfriend are taking begins February first. You can find some details about that by going to crystalsimagination.com/roadtrip. We will be chronicling our journey as we look for a new place to live.

Synarchy news for you – I will be launching an affiliate program Wednesday 1/22 for The Synarchy Series. You’ll be able to sign up on my website and for any copies of The Ascension Synarchy Book 2 you put in the hands of readers you’ll get 25% of the sale. It’s a sweet deal and I have a goal to sell 500 copies of Synarchy in two weeks. Let’s see what we can do.

Scifi news time! Scientists discover biophotos in the brain that could hit our consciousness is directly linked to light. WTF right? Basically this means our brains are capable of production photons of light aka biophotons and these appear within the visible spectrum. This leads scientists to speculate our brains neurons might be able to communicate through light. Woooah!

Let’s get to the story time. A reminder this is a serialized fiction podcast, I am reading you chapter by chapter of my scifi novel Synarchy Book 1 The Awakening. Grab the first few episodes so you’re not confused. Here we go.

Are you ready? Press play.

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