From the Mind of Scifi Author Crystal Storm comes a brand new Star Wars tale. LEGACY is the story of Laresa Daklan a Jedi turned Sith. While some of her family accepts her choice, others do not and Laresa must fight them, an Emperor gone mad, and a hidden enemy set on destroying the force.

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Cast of Characters

Laresa Daklan / Sith Marauder

Voiced by Crystal Storm

Reide Daklan / Smuggler

Voiced by: Tarrah

Xerrin Daklan / Jedi Guardian

Voiced by: Bunbarian

Elliah Toss / Jedi Sentinel

Voiced by: Adam Korenman

Lancoro Daklan / Bounty Hunter

Voiced by: Jake Reicher

Vanceto Daklan / Sith

Voiced by: Alex

Malavi Quinn / Advisor

Voiced by: Alex Ahmed

Veltana Daklan / Imperial Agent

Voiced by: Luckiest Pixel

Mekethia Daklan / Commando

Voiced by: Melissa Okey

Kazrin Daklan / Jedi Sentinel

Voiced by: Jake Reicher

Mako / Lancoro's Slicer

Voiced by: Gwama Hairstonel

Doc / Xerrin's Healer

Voiced by: Beak

Vara-Wyn / Voss

Voiced by: Matthew Dawson

Jorgan / Mekethia's Soldier

Voiced by: Ray Stakenas

Andronikos Revel / Smuggler

Voiced by: Rob Patrick (Podcast Rob)

Nadia Grell / Jedi Padawan

Voiced by: Nikki G

Kaliyo Djannis

Voiced by: Linzi Gray

Vette / Vanceto's Gunner

Voiced by: Eliza Neil 

Master Jaric Kaden

Voiced by: Ken “Beorn” Turner

Satele Shan

Voiced by: Shelly MacArlene

Darth Angral / Sith Lord

Voiced by:

Watcher 2

Voiced by: Bandersnatz


Voiced by: Ray Stakenas

Ellis Tarn

Voiced by: Jarf

Ax and Jix Cyborg Mercenaries

Voiced by: Kendra and Eric Mikols

Boss Undro

Voiced by: Los Préz

General Pierce

Voiced by: Jermaine Woods

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