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I know I look completely normal in this picture. Stare deeper into those Scorpio eyes (Scorpio is my astrological sign) and you’ll see the inner workings of a creatively chaotic mind.


I’m okay with that though.


What up fellow earthling (or just a what up if you’re not from earth). I’m Crystal, aka WooWoo, Storm.  WooWoo is a nickname I’ve gotten because I’m pretty spiritual, and I had a radio show called The WooWoo Hour.


Let’s delve deeper.

Favorite Books: Entirely too difficult to pick a favorite because they’re are too many that I could talk about for hours. 

Favorite TV Shows: Battlestar Galactica, Orphan Black, Farscape, Fringe.

Favorite movies: Aliens, Star Wars Return of The Jedi, Star Wars The Force Awakens, The Notebook.

Favorite Video Games: Civilization 5, Dragon Age Inquisition, Horizon Zero Dawn, Tomb Raider 2013 & Rise of The Tomb Raider.

Favorite Pen: Uni-ball vision elite .5mm purple. There’s usually one clipped to the front of whatever shirt I’m wearing. Yes I am geeky like that.

Relationship Status: I’m divorced and after ten years living that playa life (lol) I’m back in a loving committed relationship. It’s lovely. I don’t have any children (don’t want any). I did have a wonderful Siberian Husky named Angelus but he passed away at the old age of 17. I still miss him. A lot. But I have a new puppy named, Dio. He’s a black lab and a completely love. (Also an asshole. Puppies are complete assholes). 

Dio the puppy terror 🙂
RIP Angel the bestest good boie
Hannah and Crystal

I was born the glorious day of November 19th, 1980. I make every attempt to celebrate the entire month, not just the day when it’s birthday time. When I was growing up I wanted to be a lawyer. I went to college intending on starting my studies with a degree in Political Science and trekking off to law school. What actually happened was that I had way too much fun not going to class, and spent my entire brief year at UNCC roleplaying in AOL  and smoking a lot of pot. I had a very brief moment of productiveness when I argued in public with an ignorant preacher. After that year of pretty much zero academic productivity UNCC politely asked me not to return. Which is fair.

It was years later when my life took a turn for the not-so-great I decided that if I was going to change I needed to change my thinking. I need to connect with something. That was when Synarchy really came to life. I don’t just want to entertain you, when you read the last page of the Awakening, or finally close the book on the Ascension, I want you to take with you some idea of how to step out of the mundane and into the magic of your reality. We live in exciting times, and the Synarchy series is meant to pull back the veil and show the world to you in a way that’s never been done quite like this before. I’m proud of that claim.

Nothing makes me happier than writing. I will get lost in my creative worlds for days on end, and woe be it the person who doesn’t know how to properly disengage me from my universes.

The Synarchy Series is my flagship. Two are written and packaged up as a Duology. A third, set in the Synarchy Universe is set to be released in September. They are science fiction (which is awesome) but a bit on the genre crossing side with some mystery, thriller, and romance thrown in. 

I also dabble in fan fiction. I write in the worlds of Star Wars The Old Republic, Dragon Age Inquisition & Fallout 4. 

That’s all the writing. I have many, many other projects rolling around in my brain but things worth a mention are my podcast first and foremost. Called Crystal’s Imagination on Tuesday’s I sit down one on one with various professionals and we have amazing discussions on UFO’s, ancient aliens, the paranormal, witchcraft, astrology, writing, podcast and more. My goal is to blow your mind, make you a better creativeprenuer or both. 

You can also find me on twitch playing video games on easy, or playing tabletop (dnd, cypher system and pathfinder) two to three nights a week. You’ll find links to all that right up in the menu. 

That’s enough about me. I can’t wait to meet you! Go read Synarchy!

Namaste Co-Creators
Crystal “WooWoo” Storm