Synarchy Book 3 Scene Share: You Call This Freedom?

One of the fun things about writing a trilogy is getting to link up characters in your universe. SB3 is meant to be a stand alone. Readers won’t have to have read SB1 and SB2 to be able to jump into this story. But, there will definitely be call backs to the first two novels.

When I first got the idea for SB3 I wasn’t sure how much if at all the Terenzio’s would factor into this story. This scene came out of nowhere and I’m in love with. I also didn’t realize how much Simone and Saraya had in common. So these two very powerful badass women meeting and ultimately fighting is fantastic.

Now there is a call back in this scene to The Crystal Skull. That’s going to be a short novella that i’ll release for free. It was originally what SB3 was going to be, before I scrapped it entirely. But Saraya and Simone have met before (pretty sure hehe).

Anyway it still needs some work and additions but I like what it sets up. This is also laying some foundation for what I want SB4 to be. Hehehe.

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