The Roshinaya


Case File Subject: O-RA-006
Clearance Level Required: Level 1 or above

Organization Name: The Roshinaya
Alias: The Brotherhood, Illuminati, 
Formation Date: Unknown
Location: Earth, Worldwide
Base of Operations: Multiple*

The Roshinaya a.ka. The Brotherhood are compromised of thirteen families. The bloodline of some of these families can be traced back to the Pharaohs of Egypt. Who they are individually is classified.

What is important to note, for the purposes of this report is that they control everything. Government’s, Media, Corporations. The billionaire a person assumes is just a greedy or a philanthropists is likely a member of the Brotherhood or knows someone who is. Once wealth and power are acquired it is impossible not to bump into the Brotherhood. Not all will be accepted into their ranks but all those of a certain class know of their existence and will do their part to serve, in a small or large role it doesn’t matter. There is no choice.

The initial ritual to become a full member of the Brotherhood is a terrible traumatic experience. Antonion DeMarco, an ally of the Terenzio family and inside Agent underwent this ritual and reported back that the ritual was done underneath the Vatican and involved the murder of a child with Enlil overseeing.

The Brotherhood are controlled by the Anunnaki, and consider them Gods (not simply an advance alien species).

It is through the Brotherhood’s control over the masses that the Anunanki have been able to retain their control of Earth with direct force. Any individual with an intelligence analysis of how governments operate paints the picture of control clear as day; humanity is not free and never will be free until the Brotherhood and the Anunnaki are removed from power.

Agent Notes:

  • The Brotherhood does not have one central location of operation. In countries worldwide their exist deep underground military bases (also known as D.U.M.B.S) where much intelligence is gathered. They also control underwater bases.

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