The Galactic Federation


Case File Subject: O-GF-0018
Clearance Level Required: Level 1 or above

Organization Name: The Galactic Federation
Alias: Unknown*
Formation Date: Unknown
Location: Milky Way*
Base of Operations: Babalon
Members: Archangels, Anunnaki, Pleadians, Sirians, Zetas*

Admittedly our records regarding the Galactic Federation are incomplete. The intel we have is through a third party source (DeMarcos) and their direct contact with Archangel Michael.

The Galactic Federation is a governing body of aliens. Their purpose is to bring order to the Milky Way Galaxy. We do not believe their “authority” extends beyond the Milky Way. Primarily their purpose is to regulate contact with planets that were engaged or not engaged in states of the Ascension process (the conscious evolution of a species). Each advanced race chooses a level of involvement (or not) with these planets and when/if ascension occurs, they travel to the planet to help them complete it.

A primary concern of the Federation was to ensure that unenlightened planets did not cause harm to neighboring planets or systems during their process. For example if an unenlightened planet managed to advance their technology to space travel the Galactic Federation would decided their threat level and what areas of the Milky Way they would be allowed to explore.

There is some mention of a festival of sorts as well, something that’s called the Interdimensional Traveling Vessel races (a.k.a spaceships).

Further Notes

  • We do not know if the Galactic Federation is a term humans have given this governing body or something they chose for themselves.
  • We have not been able to pinpoint their exact location. We know they do not exist on a planet, but rather the spaceship (or Interdimensional Traveling Vessel) called Babalon.
  • We cannot confirm the other races that may take part in proceedings.

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