Stefano Vasco Terenzio


Case File Subject: TO-0001
Clearance Level Required: Level 1 or above

Subject Name: Stefano Vasco Terenzio
Alias: Classified
D.O.B: November 13th, 1893
Gender: Male
Planet of Birth: Earth
Title: Don of the Terenzio Familia
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 175 lbs
Vision: 20/20
Blood Type: AB Negative
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Black
Relatives: Liliana Terenzio (sister), Julian Terenzio (brother), Carissa Terenzio (sister), Marcello Terenzio, (father)
Martial Status: Classified
Children: Marcello Terenzio
Languages: English, Italian

Stefano Vasco Terenzio (S.V.T.) was the head of the Terenzio family. His ambition united the American Mafioso and expanded the Terenzio empire, which has lasted for generations.

He came from humble beginnings. His first murder was his abusive father. Stefano called this event his first move in a very long chess game. It put him in control of the Terenzio family at a young age. He rose in ranks inside the Mafioso and got the attention of the Italian Cosa Nostra. Because of this, he was introduced to Enlil in 1925. Details of this first encounter with the Anunnaki leader and ruler of planet Earth are classified however, it was this meeting that set in motion a hundred years worth of plotting and gave Stefano, Aclyone Island, what would become the Terenzio’s base of operations.

Stefano was ruthless, intelligent, manipulative, and sometimes cruel. But he was loyal to those he loved and his family. He openly spoke of his first and what he called last lesson with his own arrogance – when he started a war with the Tongs in New York in a fit of temper without understanding the consequences. It was during this war he was kidnapped, tortured for weeks and dumped in the Hudson river. Who saved him is still a matter of debate and Stefano only confided this secret to his closest family members. (It is suspected it was Lucifer).

Because of this torture, Stefano bore a terrible scar on his right hand and walked with a slight limp. He was often seen carrying a walking cane, with a round silver handle, stained with the blood of the Tong leader he eventually got his final revenge on.

Stefano was closest with his sister, Liliana Terenzio who he made his UnderBoss regardless of push back because of her gender. He had a close relationship with the DeMarco Family the two brothers who controlled Louisiana. His best friend was Ciro Anatolli, a childhood friend and personal bodyguard. Few could talk to Stefano the way Ciro was allowed to behind closed doors.

Stefano was shot and killed in 1935 outside the S.V.T. Securities building in New York city. Some say Stefano knew he was targeted and walked into that bullet on purpose. Only the family members who read his journal know the truth.

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