Lucifier Magi of Heven


Case File Subject: ANG-001
Clearance Level Required: Level 1 or above

Subject Name: Lucifer
Alias: Satan, The Devil
D.O.B: Unknown
Gender: Male
Planet of Birth: Heven
Title: The Great Magi
Height: 8 ft
Weight: 415 lbs
Vision: Unknown*
Blood Type: Unknown
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Black
Relatives: Unknown
Martial Status: Lilith
Children: Unknown
Languages: All Earth dialects, Angelic, Enochian, Sirius, Anunnaki, others*

Lucifer is not a mystical being made from a false god, or a devil ruling the unconfirmed location known as Hell*. Intelligence has confirmed he is nothing more than another alien life form, from the planet known as Heven* (spelling is accurate). From what little we know at this time of Heven’s politics and culture, Lucifer is well respected, highly intelligent and known as The Great Magi. SVT Securities believes that to be a scientific title more than a magical one.

We have also confirmed that Lucifer and the Angels were also responsible at one point for assisting the Anunnaki in the slavery of mankind before the flood engineered by Enlil to kill us all. Angels were an extremely war like race that have gone through their own process of conscious evolution and at some point in earth’s history went from en-slavers to guardians of the human race with stipulations – they can only assist when called for.

Lucifer has worked with Enki, Enlil’s brother, another scientist. At this time, we believe Lucifer to be an ally in our mission to remove the Anunnaki and the Roshinaya from earth.

Agent Notes:

  • Vision: We believe that due to being an advanced alien race Lucifer’s eyesight cannot be classified via Earth terms.
  • Languages: We suspect Lucifer may possess knowledge of other races and beings in the cosmos SVT Securities has not yet come in contact with.
  • Intelligence suggests that hell is earth itself and Satan is actually Enlil.
  • Intelligence suggests that when Human’s die our souls do not travel to the planet Heven but instead go elsewhere. Location of souls after death is at this time unconfirmed.

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