Enlil Military Commander of the Annunaki


Case File Subject: AN-003
Clearance Level Required: Level 1 or above

Subject Name: Enlil
Alias: Vice President of the United States
D.O.B: Unknown
Gender: Male
Planet of Birth: Nibiru
Title: Military Commander
Height: 9 ft
Weight: 475 lbs
Vision: Unknown*
Blood Type: Unknown
Eye Color: Varies*
Hair Color: Varies*
Relatives: Anu (father), Enki (brother)
Martial Status: None
Children: None
Languages: Anunnaki, All Earth dialects, Angelic, Enochian, Sirius, others*

Enlil is the military commander of the war like race called the Anunnaki. Enlil and Anunnaki scientists are responsible for the creation of homo sapien sapiens through DNA tinkering. For a full history of the Anunnaki and their purpose on earth see the appropriate file in the SVT Database.

Enlil is a tryannt. He has attempted to destroy the human race entirely, and when that plan failed found a way to control man to his will. The humans who follow Enlil are part of a secret organization that has changed names and evolved over the centuries, but all consider him a god, not simply an advanced alien race.

Aware of the natural evolution of a planet towards conscious evolution, Enlil has actively blocked this processes and ordered his agents to ensure that mankind remains in a dumb-down system of duality, so that he might keep control of the planet. This control is prevalent among every level of government, media, and religion and exists worldwide.

If Earth is ever to be free and given the chance to evolve as it was meant too Enlil and those who worship him must be removed from the playing field.

Agent Notes:

  • Vision: We believe that due to being an advanced alien race Enlil’s eyesight cannot be classified via Earth terms. We suspect he possess night vision.
  • Eye & Hair Color: Enlil is a shapeshifter. When assuming human form his eye color changes. When in his true reptilian form they are yellowish. The same goes for his hair while assuming a human form. In his true from he is hairless.
  • Languages: We suspect Enlil may possess knowledge of other races and beings in the cosmos SVT Securities has not yet come in contact with.

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